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Can not exaggerating to say that a mini-volleyball - the perfect means of physical development and health of schoolchildren.

Young volleyball players quickly gaining strength and endurance. Guys successfully trained to control the body in space, free to manage the movements. They become much more agile, coordinated and precise in their actions.

Develop peripheral vision, orientation in the environment, speed of reaction. Jumps and exercises sipping accelerate growth. Quick change of events on the volleyball court, a combination of Raman and improvisation, which are abundant in the game, teach creative thinking, the ability to subordinate personal interests of the collective.

A small team works on the site as a single organism, guided by a single goal, and it reinforces the friendship of young athletes, brings a priceless quality, as a permanent commitment to reciprocity. In short, it is difficult to enumerate all the advantages of training mini-volley from the school years.

But it is worth adding that it acquired the technical skills, the concepts of tactics and game thinking necessarily arouse the guys interested in improving skills, and for many open road in "adult" volleyball, to the wonderful world of sports Play in a mini-volleyball 7-8 and 9-10-year-old boys and girls separately. Can play and older students. The game involves two teams of 6 players.

They are located on a platform 12 m long and 9 m wide, split the line into two equal parts (all lines of the site have a width of 5 cm and included in its limits).